The BT Versatility Telephone System is an ideal choice for the small to medium business. It comes configured as 0x8 and, with the addition of ports modules , it can be expanded to up to 40 extensions and 6 lines of ISDN2 or 8 lines of analogue and it will even allow you to use up to 15 lines of ISDN30. The system represents true value for money offering many high end features for a price that will match almost any budget. The system is still a current offering from BT meaning that you can be assured of support for many years

The KX-TDA30 telephone system is a hybrid PBX system enabled for VoIP allowing network links between locations. It is initially configured with 0 lines and 12 extensions (4 digital, 4 DXDP, 4 SLT) and is easily expanded up to 12 lines, 4 IP trunks and 52 extensions making it a flexible solution.
As it is a hybrid IP-PBX system it combines PBX reliability with IP technology thus enabling integration of people, telephones and your own IT systems creating an efficient business communications tool that will enhance your productivity and help manage the costs of communication.
The system offers the impressive functionality normally only associated with larger systems. It allows you to create the system you need now and it will expand and change along with your needs in the future making it a sophisticated system which is ideal for smaller branches, shops or, with special software built in, for hotels.

In addition, it offers a range of excellent features such as caller ID on analogue lines with CLI presentation to digital and SLT handsets along with DISA (Direct Inward System Access) with messages and uniform call distribution.

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