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Do you know what its costing you when you pickup your phone to make a call?

When was the last time you reviewed your telephone bills  to make sure your on the best tariff ?

Let us analyze your bill for free.. You may be very surprised!!


 We can offer competitive rates for lines and calls while offering a local service if something goes wrong.. how may times have you had a fault where the line provider wants to charge you if its your equipment, and your telephone company want to charge you if its the line that’s faulty.  If your lines are with us we will never charge you to checkout a line fault and that’s a promise ! 



SAVE up to 40% for line rental and calls!

  • PSTN (standard) Lines
  • ISDN2e (digital) Lines
  • ISDN30e Lines
  • SIP Trunks
  • ADSL & Superfast Broadband
  • MPLS Circuits
  • EFM Circuits


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